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What to Wear There: USA vs. Portugal Game

Because sporty can still be stylish.

By Katie McNew June 20, 2014

What to Wear There: USA vs. Portugal Game

While I won't knock you for donning your Team USA jersey and painting the stars and stripes across your mug, I will give you another option for this Sunday's game against Portugal. You know, in case you've run out of face paint. 

Start with a nice pair of white jeans, classic and clean. Add some stars in your shirt, and stick with classic red Converse for your feet. What's more American than a pair of All-Stars, anyway? Plus, you'll be glad you went close-toed. I don't know how many soccer games you've watched in bars, but from my experience, when we score (which we will! Anyone read The Secret?), there will be lots of screaming, jumping, hugging of strangers, and, yes, spilled beer. I repeat: You'll be glad you went close-toed. Throw in a sporty watch, maybe a leather bracelet, and a clutch just big enough for your air horn, and you're ready for Lucky's.

Mango slim jeans

Converse red trainer
$76 -

Wristlet purse

Adidas Originals sports logo watch
$140 -

Adjustable glasses





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