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Style and beauty tips from a model...because it's her job.

By Katie McNew July 29, 2014

Photo by Luis Anthony Chavez, Seattle, WA

When it's your job to look good, it follows that you'd have some pretty good tips on how to go about doing that. Which is why I went to local model Julia Overby for some tips. 

Here's our Q&A all about fashion and beauty:

Houstonia: What's your favorite skincare product?

Julia Overby: Weleda Skin Food has been a godsend for me. This moisturizing product leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I slather it all over my face when I fly.

H: And what about hair?

JO: I am a bed head enthusiast. Also, I keep it simple with a tiny amount of coconut or olive oil on the ends of my hair after a shower. But lately I’ve been spoiled! The hair and makeup artists I’ve worked with these past few weeks have been using Bumble and Bumble. The products smell so yummy and don’t weigh down my hair or leave it looking too overdone.

Photo by Fiona Pepe in Seattle, WA

H: At our last shoot, I remember you saying you loved coconut oil. Is it still a favorite and what do you use it for?

JO: Coconut oil is one of Mother Nature’s beauty secrets! I use it for so many things from cooking to removing eye makeup. I love the fact that it’s a one-ingredient product. Our skin is our biggest organ, and I try to put as little chemicals on it as I can.

H: There have got to be some "secret" model beauty tips. Do tell!

JO: I exfoliate my face with a wash cloth. It’s simple and can be found at every hotel. It’s one less thing I’ll forget to pack. ... I try to drink coffee through a straw. Coffee is delicious but definitely stains those pearly whites! ... The most important secret I’ll share with anyone is to check reviews of products before you purchase and try to trace ingredients back to their source! It’s time consuming, and sometimes I get lazy, but I try to be responsible when making choices. There is nothing more beautiful than being your own health and skincare advocate.

Photo by Paul Hernandez in Seattle, WA

H: If you could only have one makeup item, what would it be?

JO: You cannot go wrong with a light-weight tinted SPF moisturizer. My favorite is Clinique Super City Block SPF 40. It is the perfect balance of moisture and light coverage (I like to embrace my freckles). I found my love for sunscreen thanks to my mama. She is so youthful looking and attributes that to sun protection (and lots of love and laughter). I like a healthy glow and getting my vitamin D, but I am careful about it.

H: What are you loving right now in fashion? 

JO: Ankle boots! They are versatile and can be thrown on with almost anything. I remember the first time I wore them for a photo shoot I thought, “Where have these been all my life?” I have become the proud mom of many pairs since then.

Photo by Jill Hunter in Houston, TX

H: What will we find you in on a fun night out with the girls?

JO: I can think of so many outfits! Right now, I’m imagining my favorite pair of Cynthia Rowley ombre flare pants (you can find a similar pair called the Saint Grace Ashby Flare Pant, but I found mine at Marshall’s), a cropped black tank and a pair of my most comfortable sky-high open-toe black wedges! I have to be able to walk and dance in my outfit! I envy women who can survive a whole night in stilettos without crying or going barefoot. 

H: And what if you were on your way to one of Houston's ice houses?

JO: Maybe my white denim Gap jeans—you cannot go wrong with Gap jeans—and a comfy, flowy patterned top. I also picture a denim shirt, which is perfect to throw over anything or tie around the waist! I dress for the season. If it’s cold, I’ll put on a big beanie, grandpa sweater, and knee-high socks with tall boots. If it’s warm, I love a lightweight sundress or wide-leg pants and a tank top! Dressy or casual, if I love my outfit then I am that much more excited to go out and make a fun memory in it!

H: What is your favorite thing in your closet?

JO: While at a thrift store in Austin, I locked eyes on a gorgeous white vintage dress. Think old Hollywood. It has long sleeves; the shoulders are well-built, with one line of rhinestones along each seam. The front is a dramatic V that brings attention to the waist and the fabric drapes along both sides of the hips, which helps create a lovely shape. The dress makes me feel like a million bucks. I’m really proud of my thrifting finds. I may get overly excited, but it's a skill.

Julia with her boyfriend in her thrifted white dress.

H: What new item will you buy for fall?

JO: I’ll be on the lookout for a sturdy pair of knee-high boots. I am thinking somewhere along the lines of Jeffrey Campbell-esque. I love boots almost as much as I love fall!

H: Any last words?

JO: It is surreal to be able to work around so many amazing, ridiculously creative, confident people. I've learned so much about myself and my opinion on fashion. I believe in dressing for yourself and being unafraid of who you are. I believe in expressing that through an outfit. I don’t always follow the latest trends. I don’t mind if my bag isn’t name brand. I let my hair get dirty, and I don’t always polish my nails, but I try to use confidence as my most valuable accessory.

Thanks, Julia! ... now we're off to the store to buy some coconut oil. 

Update: In the second answer regarding favorite haircare products, we originally linked to Bed Head, the line of haircare products, when, in fact, Julia meant she is a fan of actual bed head—you know, that just-rolled-out-of-bed hair. Appologies. The mistake has been updated. 

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