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Tax-Free Weekend Is Almost Here

Time to stock up on undies.

By Katie McNew August 5, 2014

Does anyone else hear Tax-Free Weekend and think, time to buy new underwear? No? Just me? Well, whatever thoughts come to mind, Texas's tax holiday, which is August 8 to 10 this year, is the perfect opportunity to stock up on those essentials. Sure, parents will love the back-to-school savings, but there are plenty of other deals to be had this weekend (that is, if you're up for braving the stores). Before you head out to the Galleria, there are some rules. 

First, know that only items priced at $99.99 and below will be exempt from tax. Once you break the $100 threshold, tax will be applied for the entire item.

Second, not everything is tax exempt. You can find a complete list of qualifying items here, or read below for a (very) abridged index. 

  • Yes to household aprons (sigh, housework); no to welders aprons. 
  • Yes to regular shoes, no to bowling shoes, and yes to regular shoes that just look like bowling shoes. Also, no to shoelaces. 
  • Yes to football jerseys, no to football pads or pants. (Sorry 12th Men.)
  • Yes to costume masks, no to welder, umpire, and swim (protective) masks. (Whew! That was close.)
  • Yes to veils and vests, unless you want a waterskiing vest. Then, no. 
  • Yes to tennis shorts, tennis skirts, tennis shoes, but no to track shoes and cleats. (I'll have a Bloody Mary and a steak sandwich and ... a steak sandwich, please.)
  • Yes to scout uniforms ("Be Prepared" is the Scout Motto, after all); no to shoulder pads, shin guards, and padding in general (but not that prepared, I guess).
  • Yes to belts with attached buckles; no to belt buckles themselves. Also, no weighlifting belts. (Sorry, Crossfitters.)

Have a happy Tax-Free Weekend, y'all!  


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