Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams visited their Highland Village flagship store yesterday to celebrate 25 years in the business of home furnishings. Guests noshed on olives and sipped single-malt scotch as they admired the brand’s new collection, which includes an aptly colored silver-leather special edition of their Major Chair.

Updated versions of mid-century designs are omnipresent in the new line-up, with plenty of chrome, polished brass, and Mongolian fur. But the overall tone maintains a certain restraint, in keeping with the brand’s modern traditional styling. 

“We don’t use primary colors,” Mitchell Gold points out. Instead, the brand's palette is neutral and warm, easy to mix. Even a new purple velvet they're using, dubbed INK, as seen had to pass the blending test, a rigorous yearlong process.

“I wanted a purple that would look great in people’s homes, that would flatter them and not upstage them, but still add excitement,” says Gold.

Comfort is key for MG + BW, who’ve furnished their own homes with the brand’s product line. Williams cites the Dumont curved sofa as one of his favorites, while Gold is currently digging the Delaney console. “I just put that in my house in Hickory," he says. "My house its kind of Adirondack style, it's on a lake.”

 We highly recommend stopping in and seeing the store's new designs.


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