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5½ Questions for Trina Turk

The L.A.-based fashion designer shares her thoughts on Houston architecture, her brand’s cult following and Mr Turk.

By Nadia Michel November 21, 2014

Trina Turk

Trina Turk hit H-Town on Thursday to inaugurate her new outpost at the Galleria, the second of her colorful boutiques to open in the Houston area this year following a debut in Market Street at The Woodlands over the summer.

As the staff distributed midday mimosas and macarons, Turk spoke to us about her ever-expanding lifestyle brand, which brings her bright, California-girl aesthetic to the world of not only women's clothing but also encompasses home décor, activewear, menswear, and a hugely popular swim collection. 

Trina Turk
5015 Westheimer, inside The Galleria

What’s the concept for the design of this store?

We’re definitely influenced by mid-century modern architecture. Houston has a lot of great mid-century architecture. Because the brand is based in LA and Palm Springs, that’s always been something that’s been a hobby of mine. We incorporated the concrete block tiles and terrazzo floor, lots of white and neutral colors and textures because our merchandise is so colorful.

Trina Turk tartan Lirienne bustier, $268

What’s your favorite piece in the current collection?

We have some tartan pants I really love! They’re like Christmas pants, but you know, you could wear them with a leather jacket and make them a little bit more rock and roll. Or you could wear them with a big sweater to a Thanksgiving dinner.

We see a lot of black and white this season.  Why do you insist on staying colorful?

Well, I thinks that’s part of our brand’s DNA. Partly because I’m based in California. It’s easy to incorporate color in spring and summer, but in fall and winter we try to keep it in the collection because that’s what our customer wants from us; she loves really great prints and strong vibrant color! But we love black and white, too.

Trina Turk signature print ice bucket, $58

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Bali. There’s definitely a culture of textiles and fabrics there, and so it’s not just laying on the beach. The food is beautiful and the people are beautiful.

If there were a soundtrack to your brand, what kind of music would it be?

Bossa Nova mixed with surf music.

What about your menswear collection, Mr Turk?

My husband took it over two years ago, and it’s much better now! It really is about color and pattern. He was a fashion stylist for 15 years. And his name is not Mr. Turk, his name is Jonathan Skow! When we got married, I kept my name.

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