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Date Night 101

Save practicality for the office and find just the right dose of sexy.

By Nadia Michel November 5, 2014

Clockwise from top left: IRO Cadnia embroidered crepe mini dress, $655; DePetra Cosmic Shaman earrings, $378; BCBG peplum zippered waist belt, $88; Chanel Rouge Allure lip colour in Passion, $35; Aquazurra Jagger Fringe Suede Boots, $1, 295; Dareen Hakeem Icon clutch, rouge python, $355.

Date night attire can be tricky. Get too fancy, and you might come off as trying too hard, yet too little effort might leave your date underwhelmed.

In fact, one should think of the standard dinner-and-a-movie date as the perfect opportunity to kick it up a notch. It’s a moment to shine, to forego of all the sartorial restrictions we face during the day.

Consider these date night facts:

  1. They don’t usually involve much walking. (We are in Houston! New York City might be a little different.)
  2. Your office-mates won’t be around to comment on your interesting choice of color or the way your hair looks.
  3. You will not be required to cook or pick up grocery bags, or sweep or stand in the hot sun while waiting for your children or run up a flight of stairs because you are late for work.

So feel free to break out those stilettos, wear red lipstick, tease your hair a little and put on the dry-clean only items hanging in your closet. Forget about jeans, you can wear those any old day. This is the perfect time for that mini skirt you love but never seem to find a perfect day to wear. Wear big earrings or a waist-cinching belt, maybe even show a little cleavage. Embrace your femininity!

As long as it’s all done in a tasteful way. Sexy is best when it’s suggested, so consider wearing long sleeves with your miniskirt, or pairing your strappy silk camisole with a maxi.  Just make sure to leave a little to the imagination. After all, that’s where it all happens. 

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