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5½ Questions for Celeb Stylist George Brescia

The author and founder of George B Style hits Houston and breaks down how to dress well, whether you're a Ginger or a Caviar.

By Nadia Michel November 7, 2014

Celebrity stylist and fashion expert George Brescia was in H-town on Thursday to promote his new book “Change your Clothes, Change your Life: Because You Can’t Go Naked.” The cozy affair went down at shoe haven Marmi in Highland Village.

The author, also known as George B Style, signed copies of his book, a guide to getting dressed in an conscious, impactful way. The premise: if you look good, you feel good, people react positively to you, and good things will come. 

It may be only half the equation, but it’s still major.  Remember when Obama came out in mom jeans? Or how Kim K went from B-girl to the cover of Vogue? It’s true: what you wear matters.

Brescia, whose track record includes stints at Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, lives in New York and spends much of his time opining about style on live television, on his own web series, and in the pages of InStyle Magazine. The man is truly master of his domain, breaking his take on dressing down to four color groups: Honey, Ginger, Caviar and Copper. For example, a Ginger (red hair, fair skin) looks best in navy or green while a Caviar (brunette) should go for bold jewel tones, according to Brescia.


Do you have a secret weapon? Tricks for making people look their best?

Pop the eyes! Consider your hair color and skin tone and complement them.

What’s your favorite current trend?

I hate that word! Wear what looks good on you. A Caviar looks great in graphic black and white, which happens to be very trendy right now. But that can be overpowering on a fair blonde.

You have to know your body, too. A cropped top with a box-pleat skirt looks great if you’re tight and show just a little bit of skin. But only if it looks good on your body type.

What so you expect people will get from this book?

They should feel empowered. So many people are e-mailing me; some are even calling this the 'style bible.' People should be concentrating on what they want, not what they don’t want. 

Biggest DO?

A closet full of perfect 10s. Even what you wear to walk the dog should be consciously selected. Because you never know!


Don’t wear it because you think it’s pretty. Wear it because it looks good on you.

What are your thoughts on flats?

Can they be sexy? Sometimes. Are heels sexier? I think yes. They elongate your legs and you have to flex your thighs to wear them. If you asked men across the country, they would probably agree.

Sorry, ladies. 

Missed it? George Brescia's second book signing happens Friday, Nov. 7, from 1-6 p.m. at Marmi, 4020 Westheimer Rd. 10 percent of sales go to St. Jude's Hospital and guests get 10 percent off Fall 2014 styles.


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