Pop Rocks: Gienia Launches in Houston

The California-based brand debuts in Houston with gemstone jewelry, stingray purses, and interesting objects.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen November 21, 2014

Gienia double stone watermelon tourmaline, $2,900

When it comes to gemstones, we're all basically Tina Turner. Sometimes we like them nice and easy, and sometimes we like them nice and rough.

Gienia Pop-Up Shop
Nov 22, 12-5 p.m.
Lynn Goode Vintage
3637 West Alabama

If you're in the mood for the latter, check out the Houston launch of Gienia, popping up at Lynn Goode Vintage on Saturday. Gienia is the brainchild of Jenny Augustyn and Eleanor Williams, and Houston is one of three markets to launch the new brand, in addition to New York and their home base of Venice Beach, California.

Gienia specializies in interesting, one-of-a-kind objects that are small enough to fit in a suitcase. Their collection of cocktail rings and pendants is inspired by 1970s designs and features gemstones not shaped into pear or princess cuts but kept raw and uneven, with 18k gold bands conforming to the natural edges of semiprecious stones like tourmaline, aquamarine, and spinel. 

Gienia red shagreen clutch, $2,000

In addition to the jewelry, there are jade elephant pendants from the Chiang Mai region of China, clutch purses made of rough stingray skin (also known as shagreen) and objets d'art, like a wind-up toy elephant from the 19th century and large rock crystals for display.



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