Popular Tasting-Menu Restaurant Will Relaunch at Montrose Coffee Shop

Thomas Stacy’s ReikiNa returns on Sept 1 with a fixed, five-course menu available three nights a week at Montrose’s Native Coffee.

By Daniel Renfrow August 18, 2022

ReikiNa's new five-course menu includes courses like yellowtail sashimi with apricot jam, tamari, olive oil, and crispy potato.

After a brief closure, ReikiNa is back. The tasting-menu restaurant from former Uchi prep cook Thomas Stacy opened back in July 2021 in a pipsqueak space in City Centre, after first starting out as a series of weekly, multicourse dinner pop-ups in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The concept has now relocated to the Montrose area and will relaunch on Sept 1 with a revamped menu through a series of pop-ups at newly renovated coffee shop Native Coffee (1712 W Dallas St). 

“I learned a lot from the previous iteration of the concept,” Stacy said in a statement. “I want to do it a bit differently this time—more rustic, with fewer courses, larger portions, and the option for guests to sit at their own table. I couldn’t be more excited to bring these new changes to the Montrose community—the place where I grew up and where the pop-ups originally started. ReikiNa is centered around creative expression, and Montrose is a perfect place to match that creative energy.”

Stacy will operate ReikiNa out of Native Coffee’s kitchen every Thursday through Saturday night, with three seating times offered each day at 6 p.m., 7:15 p.m., and 8:30 p.m. Each seating time will accommodate up to eight people. While at the previous iteration of ReikiNa seating was communal, at ReikiNa 2.0 guests will be able to book their own dedicated table (introverted diners will undoubtedly be excited about this change). That’s not the only change, either: the new tasting menu at ReikiNa, which will rotate every two months, will be priced at $100 per person (it was $150 before) and will include five courses instead of eight. 

ReikiNa’s five-course launch menu consists of: 

  • Yellowtail sashimi with apricot jam, tamari, olive oil, and crispy potato
  • Sesame Caesar with pickled kohlrabi, cherry tomato, and burnt sourdough
  • Smoked cod agnolotti with a bonito flake cream sauce
  • Smoked RC Ranch Wagyu with kalbi mustard greens and miso potato
  • Nectarine icebox pie with homemade marshmallow and vanilla egg custard

According to a release, Stacy will operate out of Native Coffee for the foreseeable future, although he does have plans to eventually open another brick-and-mortar location of the popular pop-up. 

Reservations for ReikiNa can be made at Resy.


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