Witnessing Houston’s very own Jio'Zei Reyes and his namesake Spring 2015 collection, the eye is drawn to the classic structured designs with modern touches that make each move with fluidity and grace as they traverse the runway. Reyes' dark spring palette is deep and bold, and exudes a feminine ethos emblematic of a woman of status and power.

Live and let flow seemed to be the main theme of Dao by Chloe Dao’s free-flowing Spring 2015 collection. Long, loose-fitting designs billowed beautifully down the catwalk, pressing the warmth of a beautiful Houston spring on a rainy night at Fashion Houston. The collection was chic yet comfortable and perfectly wearbale. Dao knows her niche and excels at it. Since winning Project Runway she has come into her own as a household name and we are proud she calls Houston her home.

Photos and text by Josh Robertson
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