Elements of Style

The Reality of a Pandemic Fiancée

Wedding dress designer Danielle Frankel provides tips for planning during the COVID-19 pandemic

03/17/2022 By Danielle Wright

Gucci This, Gucci That

Gucci Hosts Pop-up in Houston Galleria until July 12

Luxury labels are continuing to see the value in Houston.

07/06/2021 By Nandi Howard

On the Catwalk

Runway Houston's Bigger Than Life Spring Show

The designers dish on their inspirations—butterflies, post-shower glow and feminism—plus every you-must-see-this look from the catwalk.

04/04/2017 By Julia Davila

Ice House

Fashion Figures

Houston does a little turn on the catwalk.

01/23/2017 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Style Trial

Why Doesn’t Houston Have a Serious Fashion Week?

Four organizations compete for the glory of hosting Houston’s premiere fashion event.

11/03/2015 By Layne Lynch

Retail Therapy

High Style on Hillcroft: Sameera Faridi Design Studio Opens

Fashion Houston's first South Asian designer is breaking down fashion barriers in her new couture studio.

02/04/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


Local Designers Proved Themselves at Fashion Houston

Houston designers Chloe Dao and Jio'Zie Reyes delivered on their moment in the spotlight.



Fashion Houston, Day 2: Shiny, Happy People

Sparkly spring collections from Naeem Kham, Rene Ruiz, Ruben Singer and more



Grungy Gentleman at Fashion Houston

The runway show from menswear mecca Grungy Gentleman was, to say the least, a hell of a debut.



Who's Who at Fashion Houston

In its fifth year, Houston's biggest fashion event boasts big names, local successes and global reach.

11/18/2014 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

We Were There

Scenes From the Fashion Houston Finale

Johanna Johnson, Zachary Prell, Haute Hippie, Wes Gordon—and the afterparty.

11/18/2013 By Sarah Pendley


Fashion Houston Takes a Bow

A Week of High Fashion Ends on a High Note


Designer Spotlight

Commerce and Couture: An Interview with Rolando Santana

Impeccable tailor, meet hard-nosed businessman.

11/15/2013 By Sarah Gabbart

Fashion Houston

Fashion Houston: The Rolando Santana Show

A subtle nod to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo punches up the designer's spring collection.

11/15/2013 By Sarah Gabbart

Designer Spotlight

Rebecca Taylor on David Bowie, Unemployment, and Fashion Houston

We catch the designer right after her Houston runway show.

11/14/2013 By Sarah Gabbart

Fashion Houston

Fashion Houston: The Rebecca Taylor Show

Why the designer has such a huge following in H-town.

11/14/2013 By Sarah Gabbart

We Were There

Fashion Houston Week: The Kickoff

Straps on gowns? Lace with zippers? Fashion Houston Week merges the industrial and ethereal.

11/13/2013 By Sarah Pendley


Fashion Houston: Night 1

Houston Fashion Week Begins