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Must Love Blogs: Issa Chou of We Wear Things

On stockpiling turtlenecks, collecting Japanese plushies, and why her Christmas lights are better than yours.

By Amy Chien November 14, 2014

Issa Chou of We Wear Things is a busy girl. When she's not working as the editor-in-chief of Yellow Magazine, she's cataloguing her #OOTDs—for the uninitiated, that's Outfit of the Day— on her six-year-old fashion blog, one that's earned a following (and a nod from the Houston Press as a fashion blogger to bookmark) for her eclectic and seemingly effortless mix of high and low, from Céline to Forever 21.

She does it all from the confines of her amazingly visually stimulating home office, where colors and accent pieces are inspired by her travels and Instagram finds. 

How would you describe your personal style?

Feminine, modern, and eclectic 

What trends are you looking forward to for fall/winter?

I've already stockpiled some turtlenecks to wear once the weather gets cooler. But I'm really just ready to toss on a blanket coat.

What is your favorite place to shop in Houston, and why?

I tend to shop a lot online, but for shops around town I adore Cakewalk Style Shop.

Where do you get your fashion/style/design inspiration?

For inspiration I'm an avid fan of Instagram and see a lot of great styles and interior design on there.

What is your favorite post that you've done, and which post got the most attention?

Currently my favorite post was a series of three posts from a photo shoot we did for The Vintage Contessa. The juxtaposition of western wear and Hermès bags was grand.

Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

Really I have no rules with putting together an outfit. I'm all about a good fit, and if you feel good in it, because really it's all about confidence. I like a variety of styles, so as long as the colors go or compliment each other, and less is always more.

What's the one style item that every girl should have?

A good leather jacket.

Name a place in Houston that has a look that you love.

Hmm. That's a hard question, there's a lot of great designed places in Houston nowadays. But I'd have to throw back and and say Bayou Bend. I've always had a fondness for historic buildings, and this is about as historic as you can get in Houston, plus the gardens are amazing.

How does your fashion sense tie with your decorating sense?

I'd have to say in terms of fashion that I tend to like all sorts of varying styles, which definitely translates into what I like in terms of home decor. One day I can be in a completely conservative classy lady dress, and the next a pair of drop crotch sweatpants and an Alexander Wang tank. 

As for my home I started with the idea of it being modern farmhouse, but incorporated some eclectic pieces that I've picked up along the way. I'm also a huge fan of holiday decor. When it's Christmastime, my home is the house is that Christmas threw up on. Which translates into my fashion score of always dressing for the season!

What is your favorite piece of furniture or decoration in your house? 

One of our favorite things to do is travel. So a majority of my favorite pieces in the house tend to come from those travels. My current favorite being these three framed post card prints by Yves Saint Laurent.  We got them while in Morocco, at the Jardin Majorelle, and picked out both my and my husband's birth years and our wedding year.  

Who is your celebrity style crush?

Miroslava Duma. She started as a Russian 'it' girl, and is the founder of Buro 24/7, a digital magazine about fashion, culture, et cetera for the Eastern European set. I just love how variant and eclectic yet so put-together her looks are.   

What is your guilty pleasure?

I'd have to say my guiltiest pleasure is that I'm unable to resist anything overtly cute or kawaii (Japanese cute). I have already amassed a small collection of Japanese plushies for my future baby.  

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