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3 Brilliant Last-Minute Gifts for Your Dapper Dude

Gifts that will knock his polka-dot socks off!

By Josh Robertson December 22, 2014

We men like to think we are simple creatures—just not when it comes to Christmas gifts.

Does she really know what I like, or does she just think I am like every other man on the planet? That's the question that will define Christmas morning. If your guy is a dapper gent who has a massive wardrobe, then you have to think outside of the box a little bit. There is no need for another tie, shirt, wallet or cheap colognes from Ross—we still haven’t worn that Usher fragrance you got us last year.

No man wants to be treated like everyone else, but truly we are simple creatures, so a little insight will let you know which of these three essential gifts will be a pleasant surprise for your significant other. He'll think you looked at his letter to Santa.

1. Custom Shirt from Hamilton Shirts

If he has never had a custom shirting experience, then you will forever change his life. Nothing off rack fits like a shirt made specifically him and you will hold special place in his heart. Hamilton’s has been around since Chester A. Arthur was in the oval office. They have an amazing selection of fabrics and if you dream it they can make it with quality and craftsmanship. The choice is all his from the cuffs to the collar. They are surely a Houston gem for menswear. Custom shirts start around $265 and go up from there.

2. SprezzaBox

It’s the gift that keeps on giving—literally—and is the wave of the future, the men's answer to services like Birchbox and StitchFix. SprezzaBox relieves some of the burden of being dapper by sending your guy a curated selection of small accessories for a no-commitment monthly fee of $28. I recommend on getting a few months as a great gift. What guy wouldn’t love to have dapper delivered to his doorstep?

3. SWASH Express Clothing Care System

Swash came out of nowhere as blessing from the Garment Gods and I am forever thankful! It is an innovative garment refresher that fits into a corner of your closet and works in ten minutes. It's perfect for the busy guy who wants to spend less time and money on dry cleaning without turning into a Wrinkled William. At $499—about the price of a basic pair of Gucci shoes—it won’t break the bank, either.




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