Find That Look Here: Manready Mercantile

Need a tee? Soap? Haircut? Gold axe? Manready Mercantile's 19th Street store has it all, with a classic American bent.

By Josh Robertson December 5, 2014

Patagonia Hat, $65; Wellen Gentleman Collection Pants, $96; Tankfarm & Co. Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt, $42; Almond Surfboards Chambray Shirt, $89; Knickerbocker Denim Shirt Jacket, $250; Original Chippewa Boots, $267. Model: Kalan Laws.

Houston is Manready.

These are the records of my explorations of our fair city as I travel in search of menswear. 

My first stop was 19th Street in the Heights, where Manready Mercantile lies. This two-story rustic and rugged store feels so classic and American. It has a clever mix of new and vintage styles. They pride themselves in craftsmanship, by housing some the best brands that are built to last.

They also have a massive collection in men’s apothecary—fitting, as the line of soaps, candles, tub elixirs and throne sprays was what put owner Travis Weaver on the map when he launched the brand in 2012. The store followed in the summer of 2014, expanding the brand's offerings to tees, caps, coffee, small leather goods, and glassware, not to mention the somewhat unexpected 24k gold axes that will run you up to $1,000. There's also button-up shirts by Treats and Taylor Stitch, rugged Chipewa boots, colorful socks by Richer Poorer, Lillie Q's barbecue sauce and spices, and canvas luggage by Bradley Mountain, Stone & Cloth, and Boutonne.

Knickerbocker Hat, $68; Almond Surfboards Crew Fleece, $63; Mollusk Surf Shop Wind Breaker, $143; Noble Denim, $275; Original Chippewa Boots, $267.

 If you are in need of a haircut, they even have barbers on the first floor.  All in all, it's a really unique men’s shop here in Houston that you have to see to believe. 


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