The Traveling Black Dress: Fall Color Edition

New ways to accessorize that black dress in your closet

By Beth Muecke December 1, 2014

My little black dress has been getting quite a work-out the past few weeks. It has been fun to continue to "travel" my dress to boutiques in Houston for a make-over. This time I took my dress and Madden Girl boots over to Sam and Lilli in West Ave. This store offers great women's fashions and also has some men's clothing.

Dress from Em and Lee

Most women, when they think of accessorizing their little black dress, probably lean toward adding colors such as white, ecru, gray or maybe red. I specifically took my golden brown boots over to Sam and Lilli to show that you can mix black with browns, coppers and blues. Those aren't colors you usually think of to mix with black, but it can add an entirely new warmth and look to your LBD. 

Shirt, sweater, scarf and tote - Sam and Lilli Boutique, Boots - Madden Girl, Socks - Urban Outfitters, Headband - Nordstom, Fingerless gloves - ebay

This sweater, with its playful birds, is what you might call a "conversation piece." A sweater such as this will set your outfit apart from others. The black eyes of the birds match the dress.

I added a man's shirt, circle scarf and large copper tote to give the outfit a casual relaxed, yet polished look. I like how all the different texures are layered giving the look dimension.



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