The Traveling Black Dress: Rocker Chic Edition

New ways to accessorize that black dress in your closet.

By Beth Muecke December 18, 2014

All of us ladies have a simple black dress in our closet, but we let it sit there because maybe we just wore it last week to a party. No need: you can rewear this dress all season with just a few accessory additions.

Think of your LBD as a background for the look you want to achieve.  I've got my simple black dress and now want to use it to be a standout at a trendy party or concert.  I took my dress over to Forever 21 for a complete overhaul. I love this store because they have a little bit of everything and it's so affordable.

Lace top, t-shirt, necklaces, hat, hair bow all from Forever 21. Purse - Marc by Marc Jacobs. Shoes from Pavement Houston.

The "rocker chic" look is always fun and can be achieved in many different ways. I decided to make this look a mix of graphic t-shirt meets a strand of pearls. This look is always on trend and contemporary.  You could add a black leather jacket in cold weather. 



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