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Cowgirl Colors: Junk Gypsy Paint Is Here

How to make your own shabby-chic treasures.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen May 8, 2015

"Some girls buy shoes..." reads an Instagram caption posted by the Junk Gypsies, explaining a shelf overflowing with paint cans.

The Junk Gypsies, aka sisters Amie and Jolie Sikes, have as much claim as anyone else in Texas to be paint aficianados, having built an empire of style—from reality shows and bedding lines to their store/global headquarters in Round Top—out of repurposing their junk finds, turning vintage pieces into sweetly distressed projects that pair well with lace and cowboy boots. 

Examples of Junk Gypsy Paint colors when applied

So who better than the Sikes sisters to come out with their own specialty paint line? Junk Gypsy Paint is now available in 16 colors, including 5 basics and 11 signature Junk Gypsy hues—shades of teal, pink and greyish-blue are well represented.

In keeping with the Junk Gypsy ethos, the paints are made from chalk and clay, instead of synthetic latex, which makes them perfect for projects that are meant to be distressed for that shabby chic vibe—the Junk Gypsies even recommend layering different paint colors and sanding between each coat to expose each one differently. 

As befits the Gypsies' country-girl following, the paints are sold at several shops around Houston, all of them outside the beltway: La La Rosie in Jersey Village, The French Market in Spring,  Katy's Southern Diva Boutique and Junk Street Market, Riverbridge Resale in Conroe, Vintage Rehab in Cypress and The Burd's Nest in Bacliff.


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