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Spice Up Your Hair Life at Black Sheep Parlor

The Heights salon is quickly becoming the go-to spot for vibrant coloring, edgy cuts, modern trends and personable, creative stylists.

By Layne Lynch July 2, 2015

Pink tresses by Black Sheep Parlor

Hair can tell you a lot about a person. Things like their sense of adventure, desire to embrace or defy convention and even their creative expressiveness.

Black Sheep Parlor
1901 Shepherd Dr.

Black Sheep Parlor, a funky beauty salon in the Greater Heights area, is quickly becoming the go-to spot for vibrant coloring, edgy cuts, modern trends and personable, creative stylists. Patrons from all over Houston visit Black Sheep for services like pixelization, pastel dyes, bright ombres, subtle and bold balayages and brand new 'dos. 

The name Black Sheep was an easy choice for co-owner Shay Corley. “The name has a simple meaning: You are not going to be basic if you are a guest at this salon. You will stand out. You will be asked, ‘Where did you get your hair done?’” she says. 

Black Sheep has built a reputation around edginess, but co-owners Corley and Kassidy Motal say all sheep—not just the black sheep—are welcome to flock to their parlor. “We have a really laid-back vibe. We want our clients to feel like they're being pampered with luxurious services, but in a comfortable, fun environment. We are the farthest thing from being snooty or pretentious, and I think people respond very positively to our atmosphere,” Motal says. 

Corley and Motal opened the Heights shop just over a year ago and have grown quickly by referrals and clients’ praise-provoking haircuts. Corley originally owned a baby Black Sheep Parlor in the Woodlands, but always wanted to open a larger storefront in the Heights near where she lived. 

An encounter with Motal at a punk rock show sealed the deal. The two became fast friends, bonding over a shared passion for fashion, music and style. Corley graduated from the Paul Mitchell school and has been working in salons for years, while Motal has a background in bartending, management and public relations. Their combined talents and small team have garnered a long and growing list of clientele. 

Black Sheep owners Shay Corley and Kassidy Motal

The space, which sits next to Hugs & Donuts and Fat Cat Creamery , is designed with a Victorian and Vaudeville style in mind, featuring black and white checkered floors, vanity mirrors, sheep skulls, a playful photo booth and an overall bright rock-and-roll vibe.

“We loved the idea of taking different eras that are inspirational to us and making them fit together in an eclectic way. The mixture is a true reflection of our personalities, and we hope that translates into the diverse work we do here,” Corley says.  

As to what styles and dyes are currently in vogue, Corley and Motal say they’re seeing trends all over the spectrum, including subtle balayage highlights, beachy waves, long bobs (known as lobs), grey and silver hues, pastels and more. “It's the little things—change your fringe, add a pop of color, try a different shade of blond. The list goes on,” Corley says. “Embracing a little change at a time often leads to more daring experiences.” 

Perhaps the most appealing quality of Black Sheep is its celebration of the beauty in difference and diversity. “We all know what it means to be the black sheep of the family, and it's a concept a lot of people relate to,” Motal says. “Black Sheep Parlor celebrates being different, standing out and rebelling against the status quo.”



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