DuO Is Dunzo: Montrose Mainstay Clears Out

Ghosting: it's not just for your exes anymore.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen August 11, 2015

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DuO, a popular shop on the high-traffic corner of Westheimer and Dunlavy, suddenly closed its doors last week.

Thanks to Charlize Theron, all of America is now fully conversant in the art of ghosting. But it's not just exes that can up and vanish without a trace—stores can do it too.

Houston's latest retail outlet to pull a disappearing act is DuO, which occupied the high-traffic corner of Montrose and Dunlavy for the better part of a decade. Last week the boutique, which offered trendy fashions and accessories at a wallet-friendly price point, was posting outfit inspiration to Instagram just like everything was normal. Then, overnight, the storefront was emptied, the phone line was turned off and the company has gone silent on social media. 

It's just the latest shake-up in the block of Westheimer between Dunlavy and Mandell. After years of hosting a slew of thrift stores and other low-priced shopping options for every style, stores like Taxi Taxi, Wish and Fashion Recycler have been cleared out, in some cases replaced by new concepts like RF Lifestyles, and in other cases leaving behind nothing but empty storefronts.

Is DuO's departure due to raising rents as the Lower Westheimer curve becomes increasingly coveted, or was the store the victim of July's typical shopping doldrums? It's hard to say—that's just how ghosting goes. 

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DuO in 2012

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