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How to Stay Stylish and Cool at the Office

6 do's and don'ts of how to dress like a #girlboss

By Julia Davila August 12, 2015

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No matter what the temperature outside, your work wardrobe should probably not resemble Ilana's on Broad City.

From wearing sneakers with every outfit to white after Labor Day and mixing patterns, a recent Stylecaster Twitter discussion made it clear that fashion rules are made to be broken. However, there are limitations, your job being one of them. Dressing up for work during the summer can pose quite an issue—especially with the sweltering Texas heat.

  1. DO wear a white button down. Everyone looks good in a crisp white button down. It’s a classic piece that should be in everyone’s closet.
  2. DO dress up lace tops with a blazer. An appropriate lace top can be deemed less sexy for the daytime when a blazer is worn. If you have questions about your lace top, save it for your evening dinner plans and choose an eyelet blouse instead. It will give the texture you are looking for but with more coverage.
  3. DO get a pedicure. If your workplace allows sandals or open-toe heels, get a pedicure. And no matter how casual your job is, unless you’re a lifeguard, flip flops are never OK.
  4. DON’T wear colored undergarments under white, neutral or sheer clothing. There’s a time and place for this—like music festivals—and the office isn’t one of them.
  5. DON’T wear short skirts or shorts. These should be left for lounging at the park or shopping trips.
  6. DON’T show your stomach with a crop top. Save your tummy revealing, off-shoulder crop top for pool parties and summer barbecues. Your work wear doesn’t need to be dull, but you also don’t want to look as if you dressed for a day at the pool.
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