The Traveling Black Dress: New York State of Mind Edition

Take a bite out of the Big Apple in your LBD.

By Beth Muecke September 8, 2015

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While these photos may have been taken in downtown Houston, this LBD look was inspired by the Big Apple. Who doesn't want a little bit of New York City in their life! There are many things Houston and NYC have in common like our mounted police and multi-cultural populations.

 Houston is second only to New York in number of theater seats (thanks to our incredible performing arts venues), but we actually have more restaurants and bars per capita than New York. Well, since I'm already downtown, I think I'll drop in one! I love visiting NYC, but I always want to come home to the Bayou City.

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Top - Mio Boutique/ Jewelry - Zayver Jewels/Photos by Kerri Glenn

 This trendy silk-screen top is from Mio Boutique. I love the muted colors and graphics. I draped myself in jewelry from Zayver Jewels by Bela Thacker. Her unique pieces are reasonably priced and fun to layer. I used this multi-tiered necklace as a belt. 

Img 1603 sykohx


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