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This Girl Made the Ultimate Houston Sneakers

Everything from the space shuttle to swangas is represented.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen September 4, 2015

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Are these the ultimate Houston sneakers?

Around the end of August, Reddit user Jadentearz posted on the site's Houston message board, asking for suggestions on what symbols of the city to draw on a pair of sneakers. She'll be heading to North Dakota soon, according to her post, and wanted something to wear to represent her hometown.

The Redditors didn't let her down, suggesting everything from Beyoncé to the highway interchange graphic designed by Houstorian and made famous on the drum kit of The Suffers, not to mention "Marvin [Z]indler's face on the back of running shorts and a chicken on the front." (Okay, so not all the suggestions were great.)

The resulting sneaks, posted a few days later, are a vibrant collection of Houston-ness (Houstonicity?) on par with the mural by street artist Gonzo247 across from Market Square Park.

Drawn in sharpie on canvas, the icons represented include the Astrodome, a space shuttle, bluebonnets, an anole (that's one of those little lizards that are ubiquitous during the Houston summers), a swanga tire and the Be Someone street art over I-45, plus logos for Buck-ees, NASA, the Astros and Chevron.

That's a lot of Houston pride on one pair of shoes—check out all the details from each side below. "Looking forward to rocking them in North Dakota," said Jadentearz, "and explaining wtf swangas are."

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