The Traveling Black Dress: Breakfast at Tiffany's Edition

Indulge your inner Holly Golightly in the ultimate LBD look.

By Beth Muecke October 12, 2015

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After Holly Golightly emerged from the cab in her black dress and pearls in the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, the LBD was never the same. Audrey Hepburn's portrayal in this movie is considered the ultimate LBD look.

Loosely based on the Truman Capote novella, Breakfast at Tiffany's showed us how a young New York café-society girl would adorn her LBD.

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Assistance/photos by Angie Fanelli

 Audrey Hepburn looked so elegant in her dark sunglasses, jeweled hair piece, adorned strands of pearls, black gloves and cigarette holder.

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 Since then, all of us ladies have dreamt of nibbling on a pastry with a cup of coffee while gazing at beautiful jewelry from Tiffany's.

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 This is a landmark vision of New York. Lucky for us Houstonians, we have a Tiffany & Co. store right here!

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This look can be achieved without much expense. Some faux pearls, black gloves, a jeweled hair clip and voila! Holly Golightly! 

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