Holiday 2015

9 Cards A-Greeting: Where to Find The Cutest Holiday Cards

Show off your status as a genuine adult by actually remembering to mail out cute holiday cards to your friends and family—here's where to find them.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen November 23, 2015

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The nice thing about holidays (aside from the obvious gluttony, excuse to eat dessert and days off of work) is that they give you a chance to prove your status to the world. Don't want to get stuck at the kiddie table during Thanksgiving? Cook and bring your own dish to the meal. Likewise, you can show off your status as a genuine adult by actually remembering to mail out holiday cards to your friends and family, and Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to devote to the task. (Trust us, if you wait, it will never happen.)

The best way to motivate yourself to be the kind of thoughtful, organized person who remembers to send holiday cards is to find a design that you love so much your have to share it. Here's the 9 best places to look.

1. Kuhl-Linscomb

I kind of miss the old layout, where all the cards had their own tiny little room and you could just hang out there and savor the preciousness of it all. Now the cards are diffused a bit in the main building, but the selection is still excellent, especially if you are looking for something a little cute and a little clever that your recipients haven't seen before.

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Holiday card by Rifle Paper Co. at Paper Source

2. Paper Source

This chain is a great place to find adorable, ready-to-Instagram cards from lines with modern yet whimsical aesthetics like Kate Spade New York and Rifle Paper Co.

3. Katie & Co.

This local shop just opened a new, larger location just across the street from their old shop, and although the focus is custom invitations, there's also plenty of holiday cards on offer.

4. Lavender & Mint

Another custom invitation  shop, this one tucked into the side of Boxwood Interiors in Montrose, proprietor Lily Lasuzzo also offers a small selection of cards that are pretty and also occasionally honest-to-goodness funny.

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A card at Space Montrose

5. Space Montrose

The largely illustrated cards found here are some of the quirkiest in town. If you love puns, this is the place to find them.

6. Papyrus

If you lean more towards something traditional and festive, this chain is the place to find it.

7. Events Gifts

You expect a store that specializes in events-related paper goods (among many, many other things) to have a nice selection of holiday cards, and yet Events has more than you could ever imagine. 

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A foil-stamped card from Minted.

8. Blue Leaf

This Rice Village-area store is all about gifts, special occasions and holiday trimmings, so you better believe they've got great taste in cards, though the selection is hidden in a corner under the staircase.

9. Minted

There are now virtually endless destinations where you can find or design your own custom holiday cards, but Minted not only coers a range of styles, they feature gold foil options and the prices aren't too crazy, either.