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David Peck Is Dead, Long Live Miles David

One of Houston's best design talents is back with a new brand, new products and a new partner.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen November 18, 2015

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It's only been six weeks since designer David Peck sent shockwaves through the Houston fashion community by filing for bankruptcy and shuttering his namesake clothing line. For those that care about Houston's budding local fashion scene, it was a huge blow. 

Those that are still working through their five stages of grief can go ahead and skip to acceptance, though, because Peck has declared his triumphant return to the design world with a brand new line, Miles David

"It was one of those things where everything happens for a reason," says Peck. After he announced that it would be financially impossible to continue his previous line, he was approached by an investor (Peck says his new business partner prefers to stay anonymous) that believed in his vision and what he brought to Houston, and offered to back him on a new project.

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Peck is still sorting out his bankruptcy filing and other legal issues related to his old business, but in the meantime his new partnership has given him the opportunity to start fresh, creatively speaking.

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"When I first launched the David Peck collection it was wholesale and catering to a lot of conservative stores across the South especially. As we've grown and changed we've gotten to know our customer. It'll be sexier and more fashion-forward, but still great pieces to keep in your closet that you can wear in 10 years," he says.

The inaugural Miles David fall collection shows the designer playing with trends and taking some risks. There are several of the high-shine party dresses that Peck is known for, plus some relaxed separates, a take on the 1970s aesthetic that's a mix of Studio 54 and The Virgin Suicides

"I've had this 70s glam, but kind of quirky thing on my mind for a year," says Peck. "It really came from the textiles, finding really beautiful, interesting textiles."

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Peck is stepping away from producing clothing for other lines, spending his time instead on his growing custom business for special occasion dresses. He's also bringing in new products to his revamped Montrose showroom, including lingerie, shapewear and jewelry—the things his customers were asking for to complete their outfits—as well as expanding into home accessories, specifically gift-ready items like throw pillows and candles with essential oils.

"It's things that round out the lifestyle aspect of the brand rather than just ready-to-wear dresses. These are all things that interest and excite me," says Peck. "It's all part of the vision I have for the company and have always had, but now I have the resources to do it."

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