The Traveling Black Dress: Nautical Edition

Nothing says all-American style like nautical details and an LBD.

By Beth Muecke November 9, 2015

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Ahoy there! You don't need a yacht to enjoy the nautical look. Give your LBD a cool, sailing-inspired feel by adding some reds, whites, golds and blues.  This all-American style is something every woman enjoys wearing, whether on a boat or dry land. There is a romantic image of life on the sea... the salt water, sun, wind, and, of course, those sailors!

I started with a Kay Celine tunic—Celine is known for her beautiful embellished tunics in all styles and colors—and added accessories to match, and then headed to Maine-ly Sandwiches for the perfect sea-worthy vibe.

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Tunic by Kay Celine. Scarf, hat and gloves - Ebay. Photography/Assistance - Angie Fanelli.


 This makes me want to sit by the water and enjoy some seafood. 

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 Every spring, designers are drawn to include nautical elements in their collections. 

Img 5012 pwhnlt

Boston Light, built in 1716, was the first lighthouse in the U.S. I'm just showing you that I know the ropes.

Img 4969 mb1mtb


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