The Traveling Black Dress: Victorian Edition

Take your LBD back to a more elegant age.

By Beth Muecke November 25, 2015

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For my latest Traveling Black Dress, I decided to take my LBD and travel it back in time.

The late 19th century was the height of the Victorian Era, which has had an enduring impact on the history of fashion. This French-influenced age included corsets, petticoats, wide-puff sleeves and ornate hats. Milliners and seamstresses were kept very busy in those days. 

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Photos/Assistance by Angie Fanelli

I layered an ecru full-sleeved blouse by Diane Von Furstenberg with a Tiffany-blue corset by Louis Vuitton, which both reflect vintage fashion of this era.  The corset is a timelessly popular piece still worn by women today.

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Thank you to my friend, Vivian Wise, for loaning me this hat and corset :)

Nouveau Antique Art Bar served as the perfect backdrop for this shoot. It combines the style of Art Nouveau with a neighborhood/pub atmosphere in midtown. Nouveau Antique Art Bar displays one of the largest collections of reproduction Tiffany lamps as well as art and antique furniture.

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Classic pearls, delicate vintage earrings, black gloves and this gorgeous hat with floral and feather details and long train help to complete my 19th century theme. I think this look still transcends today due to it's powerful femininity.

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Blouse - Diane Von Furstenberg/Corset - Louis Vuitton/ Hat - Elsie Massey/ Earrings - High Fashion

What a great shoot. Time to go in now and have a glass of champagne!

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