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Fly Fashionably This Holiday Season

Whether you're jetsetting or heading home for the holidays, casual-chic is the way to fly this travel season.

By Megha Tejpal December 10, 2015

Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled don't have the right wardrobe for it. Fear not, we have the style guide for how to fly while staying fashionable—and more importantly, comfortable—this holiday season.

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1. Comfort First

Breathable garments soft to the touch are essential while traveling, especially on international or overnight flights. From lounging around bustling airports to your actual time in-flight, it is perhaps one of the most important tips to enjoying a carefree traveling experience.

That being said, at home, dressing comfortably may mean throwing on an oversized hoodie and baggy sweatpants, but your airport style should be a step up. Take a page from new Rice Village boutique Kit & Ace, which offers casual fashions like turtlenecks and wide-leg pants in an upgraded fabric dubbed "technical cashmere," ideal for even the busiest jetsetters.

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2. Flats Can Be Fabulous

You may be jetting off on a fabulous trip to the Big Apple for Christmas or Las Vegas for NYE, but it's not necessary to sport your straight-off-the-runway heels while rushing through airport lines. Flats can be fabulous when you're traveling. Whether you choose equestrian boots or ballet slippers, a style which you can slide on and off in a jiffy is key, and not a bad way to show off those festive holiday socks in the security line.

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3. Tote Smart

The energy at most airports during the holidays is fast-paced, so when it comes to getting through lines and checkpoints, keeping your hands free is key. A crossbody bag is an ideal choice  as it helps to keep passports, IDs, cash, and your cell phone easily accessible.

As fashionable as it is useful, the crossbody bag offers a timeless look for the casual-chic traveler. Bonus: if you need a larger tote for your precious carry-on space, most crossbody bags are small enough to be tucked into a larger bag once you're ready to board.

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4. Keep Climate in Mind

Often times the weather at our final destination will be vastly different than the 70 degree temps we're used to here in Texas. Balance these competing climates with layers and the right accessories. Rocking a scarf, beanie hat, or pashmina will be to your advantage in chilly airport terminals and are easy to store in your carry-on should your final destination be a tropical one. By the same token, opting to wear a heavier coat or jacket on your way to a chilly place will not only help you save space in your luggage, but it'll have you ready to hit the town once you get there. 

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