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The Traveling Black Purse: 5 Ways to Raise Your Handbag Game

Why should your little black dress have all the fun? Let your accessories take center stage by styling a simple handbag.

By Beth Muecke December 9, 2015

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Most of us wish we had a different purse to match every outfit, but unless you own a handbag store, that isn't likely. Blogging about my Traveling Black Dress gave me an idea—why not change up my purse as well? I have a little black bag that I love because it's simple and chic, petite yet big enough to hold my iPhone. Its simple fabric covering is the perfect canvas to create a new look with each outfit I wear. Adding accessories to one handbag can make a fashion statement for very little cost. You can also use those same accessories for other things too. Win-win!

For this outfit I added two clip-on hair bows to tie the entire look together. Much more interesting than a plain black bag.

Dsc01446 m9r1tt

Dress - Cosmo & Nathalia Glamsquad/ Gloves - Hot Topic/ Hairclips - Claire's/ Photos/Assistance by Angie Fanelli


Mixing prints—like plaid and leopard—works best when both patterns are the same size and intensity.

Dsc01450 tfueoi

I added a lips brooch to match the blouse. So cute! You do need a fabric bag in order use a pin accessory like this, though.

Dsc01386 oeagdk

Blouse by INC International Concepts

 These two herringbone shoe clips easily clip on to a purse and emphasize the theme of this outfit.

Dsc01398 etsoax

Skirt - Urban Outfitters/Shoe clips - Paula Friedkin

One clip-on black and white flower can give any outfit a Chanel-inspired look.

Dsc01363 q2mdi4

Rhinestone skull shoe clips add spice to this sequined party dress.

Dsc01407 z6ql1q

Shoe clips from Paula Friedkin


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