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Lingerie and swim shop Maison Jolie has opened in Highland Village.

Image: Jamie Smith

Fingertips linger on fine linens, modern and fragile laces, subtle layers of soft tulle, the hungry stretch of nylon. I can’t help but blush as I wrap my fingers around each piece of lingerie, thinking of sweet memories to come as I winnow my purchases at Maison Jolie. Each selection drips with suggestion. 

It all started with a text from my husband. I’m taking you away this weekend. Just us. Pack light, you won’t need much. I felt my whole body flush scarlet from head to toe. I live for texts like this. A weekend getaway with my love in Texas Hill Country sounded like an ideal escape for this newly minted mother.

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Image: Jamie Smith

Situated in Highland Village next to Quatrine, Cole Haan and Up Bistro, Maison Jolie makes for both a physical and philosophical experience. Expected names like La Perla, Hanky Panky and Wolford hang on the wall next to brands like Bordelle, an upscale bondage lingerie line; Carine Gilson, a modern juxtaposition of creative prints and cutouts utilizing classic materials; and Aubade, a premiere bridal lingerie fashion house. Pair the phenomenal selection with personalized fittings from the knowledgeable and amiable staff and we're talking about an uplifting experience.

All of these sweet and mischievous playthings hang next to flirtatious bras and underwear for everyday use, as well as the best shapewear available, designed to impress a smooth and sleek look and decadent sleepwear from Fleur’t, Falcon & Bloom, and Samantha Chang, which wrap your skin in the most luxurious of fabrics for a glorious night's rest. Maison Jolie is currently building their upscale swimwear line, too. 

The shop will celebrate with a grand opening party on March 31 from 6 to 9 p.m., when you can have your makeup perfected by the Tom Ford beauty team while you pick up stunning pieces for your lingerie drawer for the next time you get a text that turns your cheeks rosy.

Maison Jolie is located at 4003B Westheimer Rd., 713-850-1361, maisonjolie.co.

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Image: Jamie Smith


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