Rodeo Style

Reba's Rodeo-Ready Fashion Show

Denim, crochet and lace, oh my! The country superstar's new line at Dillard's is perfect for Houston's country girls.

By Leah Rose March 16, 2016

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From left: Reba embroidered chambray jacket, $128; Reba print mesh dress, $128; Reba lace popover dress, $158; Reba Spring Radiance eyelet shirt, $88; all at Dillard's.

The crowd was sparse at the Reba McEntire Fashion Show, held last Saturday on the second floor of Dillard's in Baybrook Mall, but it was more indicative of ridiculous noon traffic on I-45 South than the gorgeously Southern Belle fashion line.

Five models who moonlight as Dillard's store clerks (or vice versa), showed off Reba’s collections to be released in March (Spring Radiance) and April (Indigo Sky). The curvaceous ladies shyly strutted up and down the aisle-turned-runway, a set-up that was unconventional but actually refreshing. The commentator narrating the looks would focus on noteworthy details, a shoe here and hemline there, before stopping each model in turn to inquire about the comfort of the pieces.

At first I kept thinking, “What would Candice Swanepoel or Gigi Hadid say in this situation?” But then I really thought about it. What would they say? To the mortification of designers and the haute couture community at large, what would happen if comfort was on a runway checklist? Maybe the world would be a better place.

Reba's collection is not only easy to wear, it's perfect for the rodeo as well as for Houston year-round. I was swooning over the delicate textures of gorgeous country wear. Denim, crochet and lace, oh my! There were several tea-length dresses, oodles of button-ups, chambrays and tunics, and a handful of studded, braided and embossed belts. Her particularly dashing lace dresses made me dream of a classic country wedding, though most of the pieces are versatile, meant to be dressed up or down. Did I mention that they're comfortable?

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