SUAVS: The Ultimate Sneakers for Sandal People

These Austin-made slip-ons feel like freedom for your feet.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen March 14, 2016

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As far as I am concerned, there are two seasons: boot season and sandal season. One covers all manner of looks when it's cold and you need to wear socks for warmth, and the other are for the rest of the year, or a good 80 percent of the Houston calendar. Wouldn't daylight savings time make infinitely more sense if we were to correlate it with the changeover between boot and sandal seasons? And yet no one in the White House has even acknowledged my petition* to do so.

For all my love of sandals, I admit they aren't always appropriate. Like when you're trying to navigate the funhouse-like sidewalks of Montrose, or riding a bike, or if one of your co-workers has strong opinions about how it's not okay to wear flip-flops in the office because of that thwack sound they make. For these and many other occasions, I've become obsessed with SUAVS

SUAVS have a similar profile to Keds or Toms or other similar slip-ons, but these unisex shoes have a more modern, minimalist vibe. They come in only four colors: all white, all black, black with a white rubber sole and navy with a white sole. The entire body of the shoe, minus a thick elastic strap that runs across the center and holds your foot snugly in place, is made of some kind of breathable fabric, so it almost feels like you're wearing nothing. And best of all, the inside of the shoe is lined with terrycloth, so they are designed to be worn without socks—without creating blisters or stinky sweat. That's true foot freedom, my friends. 

The light and flexible materials make them perfect for packing for vacation and the fact that they offer more coverage makes them nice for avoiding the dreaded top-of-foot sunburn outdoor concerts and festivals. They are also easy to throw in the wash, so I don't have to worry about my all-white pair getting dingy. And I like that they are made in Austin, so I'm supporting Texas design. They are so effortlessly stylish and wearable that they may even overtake sandals as my go-to shoe of the season.

SUAVS aren't sold in any Houston stores yet, but you can buy them from their website. The original slip-on sells for $79, and there's also a winter version lined with fur ($83), so the truly committed never have to wear socks again.


*This petition does not exist, but it should.

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