Coachella Trends

The Two Major Trends to Take Home from Coachella

Goth-meets-boho is the latest way to work festival wear.

By Beth Muecke April 28, 2016

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Style bloggers Paola Alberti and Thania Peck in some of the festival's hottest trends.

I don't usually suffer from FOMO; I go to so many events, parties and especially music festivals. But this year I'm having a major case of FOMO over Coachella.

To make my suffering worse, I have been stalking the Instas of DJs, models, and all kinds of cool people who attended and listening to all the music on Sirius (channel 52). I ended up texting my daughter: "We're going to Coachella next year, so start the glamping arrangements now."  

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Kendall Jenner in a black lace bralette.

During my Coachella stalking, the fashion blogger in me immediately noticed some music festival trends that I'm planning to incorporate all summer long. Two that stood out the most were chokers and the color black.

Gone were all the bright colors and flowers from festival years past—the only floral headbands I saw were the ones people swiped on their Snapchat pics. This year's festival gals were still sporting bohemian looks, but with an edge.

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Black lace, black dresses, rompers, bralettes and hats equated to goth-meets-boho style. I absolutely loved all these looks, although they might be a little hot in the Texas sun.

I also love all the cute chokers made of leather, lace, metal and fabric in different shapes and sizes. I happen to have a cute black lace dress in my closet that I was planning to wear to a party... Looks like I'll save it for Summer Fest!

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Chanel Iman in black crochet.

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Model Taylor Hill (right) and her Coachella squad.

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