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In a few short hours, RuPaul will be crowning the 9th America’s Next Drag Superstar of RuPaul's Drag Race, which is basically the Super Bowl for all your gay friends, minus the cameo from Beyoncé. Two of this year’s finalists, Kim Chi or Bob the Drag Queen could snatch the crown off any weave from last year’s entire season. While they may not reach the heights of past Glamazons Sharon Needles or Bianca Del Rio, this year’s crop is contestants have provided enough charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to keep fans satiated 'til the oft-demanded second All-Star Season.

One of the ongoing debates this season (especially if you watch Untucked), is the definition of drag. Does simply putting on a gown make you a drag queen? Do female impersonators count? Can you be a real queen with a busted lace front or hideous eyebrows? Regardless of where you stand on the gender divide, this year’s season has provided ample examples of how to make your daily wear fabulous. As Lady Gaga once sang, “don’t be a drag, just be a queen.” Well, there’s no reason why we can’t do both with these following lessons for this season of Drag Race

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1. Walk into the club purse-first

The mantra and signature move of finalist Bob the Drag Queen is to walk into any room with your purse extended ushering in your fierceness. Bob has confidence in spades and that has carried her pretty far into the competition. But she’s also intelligent, thoughtful, and generally cares about her friends on the show. What better way to make an entrance, this side of Cookie Lyon, than to breeze into a room, power clutch in hand, ready to take the room by storm. Hey, it works for Anna Kendrick.

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2. Make sure your brows are on point

While it was probably due to her stank attitude, lack of real personality, and endless corsets, one of Britney Spears Derek Barry’s cardinal sins that sent her home was her hideous brow situation. There are cholas on roller coasters who had better eyebrows than the one Derek drew on during the Book Ball Challenge. If the eyes are the window to the soul then the brows are the window dressing. Make sure they are on fleek.

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3. One kimono is fine, five can cause a commotion.

Always have a kimono in your closet. They're sleek, they're simple, and they sound classy when pronounced by a British person. However, if you're ever going to a Madonna-themed party, don't be like half the queens and go as "Nothing Really Matters"-era Madge. Go for the understated and underrepresented "Take a Bow" Madonna.

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4. Know your Herstory

The make or break point in every season is the Snatch Game where the queens embody to aura of an iconic celebrity. In the real world, anyone can do this by celebrating the classic divas by embodying their style. Just remember to pick someone timeless and definable traits. You want to be Chad Michael’s Cher, not Jiggly’s Snooki.

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