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Houston's Megan Silianoff Talks Copiers, Cancer and Confidence on The Everygirl

Featuring 'Don't make out with boys you work with,' and other advice learned from a decade of hustling.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen June 23, 2016

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Megan Silianoff with her new children's book, From J to Z: The Shawn Carter Story.

Megan Silianoff is a doer. The 34-year-old adopted Houstonian turned a cancer diagnosis at the age of 28 into a blog, and eventually applied her blogging skills to become the author of three books, including 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One: A Memoir About Cancer, Adoption and My Love for Jay Z. She's also a working mom and the founder of branding and PR agency Mad Meg Creative Services. But would you believe that her first job was selling copiers?

It's one of the things we learned via her substantive Q&A on The Everygirl, the first Houstonian to have her career profiled on the popular millennial-focused site. The feature is chock full of advice learned from a decade of hustling and figuring out how to create her dream career as she went, including how to apply sales skills to every aspect of your life, the myth of work-life balance and the hardest part of getting published.

"I think it’s pretty rare to know what you want to do coming out of college. I’d also say that usually you need both work and life experience to figure out exactly what your dream is. Dreams are fluid and ebb and flow as you progress in your career and life. I’m sure some people have the same career aspirations at 23 that they do at 33 but I wasn’t one of them," says Silianoff.

Aspiring creatives, writers and boss ladies can check out the full interview here.

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