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I Tried It: 10,000 Steps

I thought I was an active person, until I got a Fitbit.

By Hala Daher June 16, 2016

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9,999 to go.

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So you're like me and decided you needed to move more. You got a Fitbit (or other device) and you set out to get 10,000 steps a day. That's the daily recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control, after all. You think, "That's not a problem at all! I can do this!"—until you try it, that is. At least that's what happened to me when I decided to embark on this lofty goal and realized I maybe take 5,000 steps on a good day. And I thought I was an active person. 

So how does one go about doubling their daily steps when they're stuck at a desk all day? Sure, you can park your car farther. You can take more bathroom breaks or use the bathroom furthest from you. You can take the "long way" to get anything done. Maybe ditch the car once in a while. 

I started asking my friends just how they get those steps in. One friend chases after her toddler. I joined her one day at the park and it certainly worked. I got more steps in that day than any other. Kids like to move and you gotta stay by their side. Another friend has a dog and walking it daily gets her closer to her step goal. My runner friends make it look easy. One friend takes a scooter and the light rail to work daily. She kills it. One friend got rid of her car completely and walks everywhere. She averages about 15,000 steps a day. 

I don't have a kid or a dog and I hate running. I'm also not lucky enough to live or work near the light rail. So here's what I did to get closer to 10,000: I paced around my house while playing on my cell phone. I went on walking dates with friends after enjoying dinner together. I did a little urban hike with my brother. I joined a group of friends on a Fitbit weekday challenge that got all of us moving just a bit more. I even managed to ditch the car on a few occasions to run errands in the neighborhood. Things are actually closer than you think they are. 

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