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I Tried It: The Wet Hair Look

Can I succeed where Beyoncé has failed?

By Hala Daher September 14, 2016

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First Beyoncé did it and I wasn't very impressed. Sacrilegious, I know. Then Kim Kardashian managed to pull it off at the 2016 VMAs. That's when I decided I needed to try the wet hair look. This may be difficult for a girl with a pixie cut and super fine hair, but I'm currently sporting a couple of extra inches of length at the top of my head and figured it was worth a shot. 


Wet beachy glam last night #vmas

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In doing some research on how to get the look, I read that Kim K.'s hair guy, Michael Silva, used oil on damp hair and a diffuser to give her those beachy waves. My main concern was getting oil stains on my clothes, though with short hair that shouldn't be a huge a problem. 

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I started with unwashed, damp hair. I then added a lot of Alterna Caviar CC Creme throughout before adding Hask Argan Oil on top. The key here is to really saturate your hair with the oil. I added maybe three or four times more than I would normally use. I wanted to bring out some of the natural wave in my hair, so I used a bit of salt spray on top of that for added texture and height. Finally, I used my diffuser to dry it thoroughly, making sure to not touch it too much. I used some more oil to touch up the ends of my hair and I was done. 

The end result was surprisingly cool. I really expected to look like a wet, limp poodle, but all the added moisture brought out my big curls. The key to this look is to make it seem like you've been at the beach all day and didn't have time to fix your hair before your big event. I followed Kim's lead and kept my makeup natural and wore a simple silky dress. Combined with a bit of bronzer, with this look you can keep the summer going just a little longer.

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