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Gossip Girl might not be on TV anymore, but that's no reason we can't continue to channel the look of Blair Waldorf, one of television's all-time great preppy style icons. Girls across the country were enamored with Blair and Serena's outfits as they went to school, parties and other assorted high-drama escapades. Inspired, I thought it was time to give my little black dress a bit of Park Avenue prep. 

To get there, I added a soft white button-up blouse underneath and a babydoll sweater tunic on top—I love the china blue color of it. 

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Image: Angie Fanelli

I added lots of pearls, Chanel pearl earrings and a bow tie for that sophisticated yet youthful "Blair" look.

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Image: Angie Fanelli

The Betsey Johnson cross-body bag adds a pop of color and a bit of quirkiness to the outfit.

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Image: Angie Fanelli

"You know you love me! XOXO"

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Image: Angie Fanelli


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