I'm beginning to think Beyoncé decided to design her own athleisure line just so she'd be on brand when she wore her favorite comfortably flattering leggings and cropped tees when she steps out to get coffee. (Just kidding, Beyoncé doesn't get her own coffee.) It seems a good enough reason to me—that and a pile of money when each seasonal collection inevitably sells out. Plus she obviously likes wearing it, or she'd pay someone else (the coffee fetcher?) to model it for her.

Though I miss the roller skates and playground setting of the original collection debut, it's kinda fun to look through the images Bey posted from her Ivy Park Autumn/Winter collection shoot, including some fun behind-the-scenes shots. Among the highlights: modernized camo in blue and burgundy, a few fun pops of a coral-ish hot pink and a puffer jacket fit for a moon man. Items are available now at Topshop and Nordstrom, and an insider source says that new product will be hitting stores after Dec. 1, so don't get too down if you can't find your size during your Black Friday shopping spree.

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