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How Houston's Preston Douglas Went from Sneakerhead to Fashion Designer

“I aim to blur the lines between streetwear and traditional luxury fashion."

By Alex Meyer November 14, 2016

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Looks from Houston fashion designer Preston Douglas's second collection, Falling.

It all started with a pair of sneakers—or three. 

Houston-based luxury menswear designer Preston Douglas started as a middle schooler with an impressive shoe collection, garnering attention on YouTube for his reviews of designer kicks like Nike SBs and Air Jordans. His passion transformed from after-school pastime to a budding career when the young designer began styling Houston rap artists.

His first collection, Calamity | Serenity, was released with the launch of the Preston Douglas brand in January with a runway show at Silver Street Studios. Inspired by the designer’s own self-discovery and the “polarity of the human condition,” the collection featured custom moto jackets, zip trousers, and luxury Calamity | Serenity logo tees. 

“I aim to blur the lines between streetwear and traditional luxury fashion. People are able to be part of the brand by purchasing entry-level, ready-to-wear items such as T-shirts and accessories. I also create innovative, unique, cut-and-sew pieces representative of my generation’s avant-garde haute couture. As I continue to expand I will be able to further diversify the price points for my pieces to provide a premium, creative, and high-quality product that speaks for itself and the brand,” says Douglas, whose full name is Preston Douglas Boyer. 

While Douglas's expectations for his first collection were high—he says he half-anticipated a phone call from Louis Vuitton with a job offer—what he got was a learning experience. He attributes the relationships he’s forged while building his business and his patience as integral assets that helped bring his artistic vision to life.

With these tools in hand, he created a second collection for fall that showed at Fashion HTX, all while keeping up with his undergraduate studies at the University of Houston. 

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Preston Douglas at Fashion HTX

“My second collection, Falling, was inspired by my experience soon after the release of my first collection. The collection details my experience of falling in and out of love with someone, while simultaneously falling in and out of love with myself. There were a lot of emotional ups and downs that went into the story of this collection,” Douglas says. 

Douglas used the color pink to represent external love and its inverse color, a pale yellow, to represent internal love. The collection boasts rigid fabrics like leather paired with lightweight Japanese rayon and ring-spun cotton, creating a textural juxtaposition to reflect Douglas’s story. 

As for the future of his brand, it’s yet to be determined.

“I see my business as an international lifestyle brand, something similar to a 21st-century, avant-garde Ralph Lauren,” says Douglas. “I don't know what the future holds—I just know that everything will work out if I put in the work and maintain faith.”

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