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Houston Style Setter: Kennetra Searcy

The first-ever Ms. Black USA on her mommy-to-meetings style and where NFL families get their custom gameday gear.

By Emily Juhasz January 19, 2017

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Kennetra Searcy beat out 120 women to be crowned the first-ever Ms. Black USA

Fresh off her win at the first-ever Ms. Black USA pageant—an offshoot of the 20-year-old Miss Black USA pageant—Kennetra Searcy is gleaming with pride. But Ms. Black USA isn’t the only title she holds; the newly crowned Houstonian is a certified personal trainer, an emerging businesswoman, a mom, and wife to NFL safety Da’Norris Searcy of the Tennessee Titans. She balances all of these roles with elegance and style—in Christian Louboutin heels, yet! We could not wait to sit down with Kennetra to talk all things glamour and style.

Houstonia: Congratulations on becoming Ms. Black USA 2017. What are the best beauty tips and tools you've learned?

Searcy: Thank you! It is truly the biggest pageant I think I’ve ever done. It is a great experience and a great pleasure to have this particular title. My best tip for an everyday look or even for just going out is make sure that your hair accentuates your outfit. You might have a particular outfit where your back is showing—make sure that your hair is up so that you are showing off your best assets. The best tool I would have to say is shoes and jewelry. Not only do you want to present yourself from head to toe, but to accentuate what you are wearing.

As someone who juggles a lot of roles, how do you keep your style on point?

It is all about having to jump out of one role and into another one. I may have on a pair of jeans with a pair of Ugg boots for my role as mommy but if I have to get ready for a meeting, I can jump into a pair of heels and head out the door. I try my best to keep the simplest outfit with cute accessories so that I can still be professional and perform these different roles. You never know when you might have to switch it up.

Who is your biggest style influence?

I’m in love with Jennifer Lopez! I really like her style because she is able to switch it up quickly. She keeps it sexy, elegant and classy—if she has to throw on a pair of Victoria's Secret pants with a hoodie, it’s still cute.

What was your favorite fashion moment from Ms. Black USA?

I would definitely have to say my evening gown. It was by the boutique Angel Brinks and it was a black lace dress with complements of nude. It had a train, short sleeves and went all the way up to my neck. It definitely accentuated my curves. When I walked in the dress, it was as if I was getting married all over again.

What are some of your favorite places in Houston to shop?

I was introduced to Charming Charlie recently and I love it! I love that everything is organized by color. That is how I try to keep my closet organized. Some of my go-to boutiques would be Tory Burch and J.Crew.

What is something you always carry in your purse?

Lipstick is the number one thing I always carry. I love my lips and my dimples and always try to accentuate them.

What is your style game plan at football games?

Leah Paulovich Miller does all mine and my daughter’s outfits. Miller is the wife of retired NFL quarterback Jim Miller who is behind the customized pieces that many of the wives and girlfriends of NFL, NBA and MLB players wear. She is known as The Diamond Duchess on Instagram.

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