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Houston Style Setter: Lynda "Cupcake" Guerrero

The make-up artist on Ruby Rose, her favorite Houston-based online boutique and her must-have bargain beauty products.

By Emily Juhasz February 7, 2017

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Lynda and Thomas Guerrero

I caught up with make-up artist Lynda "Cupcake" Guerrero over video chat as she was making dinner with her husband, Lee Group creative director Thomas Guerrero. Just as their careers are so often symbiotic—Thomas is often found directing commercials or taking photographs, while Lynda frequently works with models at Page Parkes Agency—they have a certain combined rhythm as they put together creamy chicken pasta and answer questions about Lynda's look and best make-up tips.

Have you ever worked together?

Thomas Guerrero: Yes—the first time we worked together was when we first met. I was just getting into photography. Lynda is beautiful and all I wanted to do was photograph her as much as possible. When we work together, it is an opportunity for us to step out and play with our own creativity.

Who are your biggest style influences?

Lynda Guerrero: I recently chopped all my hair off and Ruby Rose inspired me to do that. I loved the look and knew I had to go for it. My direction for fashion comes from my grandma who passed away. She was always dressed up even if she was just going to the grocery store. She instilled in me the mentality that presentation is key.

What are some of your favorite places in Houston to shop?

LG: For me, I do mostly online shopping. If there is a fancy event, I always try to go to this one boutique called Shoe Fetage. It was originally located on Westheimer; however, it’s currently closed because she is relocating. She always carries one-of-a-kind pieces.

Where are some of your favorite places to go in Houston?

LG: Anywhere where there is a margarita or mimosas!

Did your style rub off on Thomas, or was it the other way around?

LG: When I first met Thomas, I was trying to find my style. It was all over the place. I would say that I feed off Thomas. I think he influences my style and me more than I influence him.

TG: I do a lot of shopping for Lynda. I think men should take the opportunity to learn their wife or girlfriend’s body. I know Lynda’s body and I know what looks best on her. When we first met Lynda’s style was very simple. She didn’t dress to express who she was, she just dressed to dress.

What is one beauty product you always carry in your purse?

LG: I always carry setting powder! I just started using E.L.F Cosmetics, which is very affordable, and I am all about saving money. I also always carry lip balm. I use Smith's Rosebud Salve and you can buy it at Sephora.

You always look great! What is your secret for always looking on point?

LG: Always look presentable, and keep in mind that you never know who you are going to run into, or what you might do during the day.

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