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What to Wear to Every Wedding Event This Summer

Muse's Lindsay Mousoudakis talks bachelorette bathing suits, rompers at rehearsals and the flattering dress trend every guest can get behind.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen May 17, 2017

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Lindsay Mousoudakis of Muse is no stranger to fielding wedding-related questions. In a decade of owning the River Oaks boutique, she's helped brides, wedding parties, their moms and many, many guests pick out the right outfit for the occasion. Now that wedding season is upon us—not to mention bachelorette season, shower season, etc.—here's her best advice.

It's shoulder season

"Off the shoulder is so major right now," says Mousoudakis. "It's not too sexy and it's showing such a pretty part of body." One caveat: as a wedding guest, you probably want to dance and have fun—and that includes raising your arms (hello, bouquet toss) without being restricted by your outfit, so make sure any cold-shoulder dress gives your arms freedom of movement.

Another slightly more covered option? Mousoudakis is a fan of adding interest with a big, bold sleeve. "The bell sleeve for summer and even for fall has this drama, it's so fun and festive," she says.

Pants, Please

"The trend right now is to mix it up with rompers," says Mousoudakis. "Brides are trying to steer away from a dress because its all about dress on the wedding day. I've seen a lot of rompers for bachelorettes or even for the [bridal] shower or [rehearsal] dinner. We've got a jumpsuit by Trina Turk at Muse that's really dressy. You think of rompers as casual and cotton, but they can be cocktail, too—Alexis also makes a great version. It's something different you're not going to see anyone else in."



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A Baywatch Bachelorette

"Now it's all about getting that perfect squad photo because everything is on social media. If your bachelorette is in a beachy area, Baywatch is back and brides and bridesmaids are all wearing matching swimsuits. Of course tanks and T-shirts are fun, too, but the bathing suit is such a fun idea," says Mousoudakis. While Baywatch may currently be trending, but we'll credit Taylor Swift for launching this trend by wearing matching suits alongside Cara DeLevingne and Gigi Hadid at her Fourth of July bash in 2016.

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A navy, off-the-shoulder mini is basically the perfect dress for a wedding guest this summer, says Muse boutique owner Lindsay Mousoudakis.

Try a surprising shape

The Muse owner is a big fan of making her shoppers try on several things before they make any final judgements—because sometimes something that seems wrong is actually a great option. Case in point: the wedding miniskirt. "What I think is fun is the miniskirt—when you have a blousy top with it or flat sandals its really cute on so many people whether their legs are muscular or skinny. I like people to experiment. It's the same with the off-the-shoulder look. I think people are so scared to show skin, especially older women, but my mom just bought an off-the-shoulder dress and it's so flattering."

Keep it colorful

"For a summer wedding I think prints are fun and festive," says Mousoudakis. For upcoming fall weddings, she's a big fan of merlot and forest green, which will be on-trend and very appropriate for the season. And for those not into brights, she has good news: black, once considered a questionable choice for weddings, is a popular option these days. "I see people in black in weddings all the time, even in summer, just because an LBD is always a go-to and black is the most flattering. Everybody's got a great black dress."

What not to wear: White (unless you're the bride)

Yes, we all saw Pippa Middleton rock a white bridesmaid dress, but that doesn't mean the color is now on the table for most wedding guests. "It's really important that the guest doesn't wear any shade of white so there's no competition with the bride," says Mousoudakis. So while the little white dress may be trending this summer, save it for non-wedding-related occasions.

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