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What Should You Wear Under Your Wedding Dress?

Tips from a pro on how to shop for lingerie for the big day.

By Sara Samora June 16, 2017

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When Heather Skonberg got married, she opted for a sexy red thong under her wedding dress. When the pictures came out, she realized it could be seen through her dress.

“We had to Photoshop a lot of pictures,” Skonberg says.

Nevertheless, there are ways to prevent wardrobe malfunctions on your special day. Skonberg, a buyer at Top Drawer Lingerie, has plenty of advice and recommendations on what to wear underneath it all on the big day.

She's already covered the strapless bra options and explained the difference between shapewear and cinchers, but brides have a few more things they'll want to keep in mind to have the right foundation underneath their bridal look.

1. Get fitted for a bra before you find a dress.

When you get the right size, it will give you direction on finding the right dress, in addition to size and alterations.

2. Always bring the dress with you

That way, you can test out options and see how they work under your dress—no one wants a bra that peeks over the top of their sweetheart neckline. Moreover, you can purchase your bra and take it to dress fittings and get the dress altered.

3. Shop at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance

There is a possibility that a boutique or department store will not have the item you need in stock. And if that’s the case, they will have to order it for you. This gives time for the order to arrive and address any issues that pop up. It's way better than spending big bucks for overnight shipping. Save that money for the honeymoon!

About the underwear...

Skonberg says that for brides with a full, traditional dress, what underwear is underneath will not matter. However, if you want to go for a sexy panty and the dress is form-fitting or made of lighter fabrics, “just slip into them toward the end of the night,” she says, and wear something that will photograph well for the ceremony and throughout the day.

She recommends Commando's classic solid thong, which comes in a range of nude tones and feels and looks like wearing nothing because they are seamless and the edges are thin. For something a little bit prettier, brides loves Hanky Panky's bridal collection, with thongs that have "I Do" written out in Swarovski crystals.

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