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Houston's Preston Douglas Gets a New York Fashion Week Moment

The buzzy young designer offered a sneak peek at his upcoming men's collection as part of the Capsule and Liberty Fairs.

By Julia Davila July 19, 2017

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Preston Douglas at New York Fashion Week

Preston Douglas showed a five-look fashion presentation as part of the Capsule Show and Liberty Fairs, held this week in conjunction with New York Fashion Week: Men’s, in partnership with Capsule and Liberty Fairs. Douglas is one of four emerging designers invited to show as a group under the umbrella of street-style outlet Highsnobiety's Under the Radar show.

“I think it’s a really cool idea to incorporate shows and presentations into market week,” said Douglas.“Highsnobiety is like my Vogue. I read it for style, fashion, streetwear, high-end [fashion], sneakers, music; it really represents the culture that I’m a part of, that I’m a product of, that I’m a consumer of.”

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Behind the scenes at Preston Douglas's capsule collection for Highsnobiety: art, clothes and sneakers.

The goal for this extension of NYFW: Men’s is to highlight emerging brands. Douglas believes the two factors that separate his brand from others is the story and the artistic nature behind the collections.

“My brand is a high-end, contemporary menswear company. It’s not a Lanvin, it’s not a Balmain—yet—and it’s not a Supreme, it’s somewhere in between. And that really is the future of fashion, that blend of streetwear and high fashion,” he says. “Each of my collections means something. Each of them comes out of my experience and is designed from emotion; it’s much more than just clothes. There’s an idea behind each piece, there’s a reason for everything."

While he might be a young designer, at 22, he believes he is as much an artist as he is a designer. Fashion is his medium of expression, and he calls it a canvas on which to tell his story and share his experience.

“I was 17 and started partying a lot and lost my passion. I lost myself,” Douglas says. "But, you know, now I’m back and I feel like I’ve really found my voice and my niche through fashion and art."

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