I Tried It: Herbal Hair-Growth Potion

It seemed like the hair gods were on my side when I was introduced to Rapunzel's Potion.

By Emily Juhasz July 5, 2017

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Did someone say #hairgoals?

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As someone who is trying to grow my hair long and strong, I've tried pretty much everything from homemade hair masks to pricy serums. I’ve wandered up and down the hair care aisle aimlessly in search of that elusive product that not only grows hair 10 inches overnight but also adds shine and strength to dull hair.

So it seemed as if the hair gods had decided to help me on my quest when I was contacted about a new Houston-based product called Rapunzel’s Potion to see if I would be interested in trying it out. Co-owner Romina Cervantes Garcia describes it as “artisanal, herbal hair care” that “adds a boost to your everyday hair care routine.” The line is made with 100-percent natural ingredients like aloe vera and rosemary, and it is certified cruelty-free, based on a formula that Garcia's mother created years before using her knowledge and previous studies of plants and herbs.

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The Rapunzel's Potion starter kit includes a shampoo enhancer and an herbal spray, $27

After seeing its benefits, Romina and her sisters began using the potion and soon enough their friends were asking how their hair stayed strong and beautiful even after pregnancy. Now Garcia produces Rapunzel’s Potion in small batches in The Woodlands and sells the products online, at farmers markets and at specialty stores throughout Houston.

My experience using Rapunzel’s Potion has been enlightening, to say the least. I don’t think I was aware of how the products I have used in the past could do more damage than good. Let’s be honest though: when you’re wandering the hair care aisle, it’s easy to splurge on something just because the bottle is pretty. Or maybe that’s just me.

So I started with my Rapunzel's Potion kit, which includes an 8-ounce bottle of shampoo enhancer and an 8-ounce bottle of the spray, to be applied post-shower. The process also requires a 24-ounce bottle of regular shampoo—I used Dove. Then it gets tricky: you have to remove about 8 ounces of shampoo from the bottle to make room to mix the shampoo enhancer into the bottle. Put the lid on and mix the two together.

My one complaint is that discarding a third of a bottle of shampoo seemed wasteful, so it would be wise to have an empty bottle on hand to save it. I miscalculated and didn't leave enough room in the shampoo bottle to pour all of the enhancer in. This should be less of an issue going forward as Garcia says Rapunzel’s Potion is working on a kit that will not only include the shampoo enhancer and spray but also a reusable 24-ounce glass bottle that will allow users to mix the ingredients together easily. After letting the mixture stand for a few minutes, you just shower as normal.

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Then it's time for the spray. I always assumed my hair was typical, even on the oily side, so I followed the instructions for normal to oily hair, spraying it on my damp hair after the shower. To my surprise, after a few uses I noticed was that my hair was quite dry. Garcia encouraged me to start using the spray prior to my shower, which is the recommended protocol for those with dry hair because the rosemary within the products can cause dryness.

I personally see a difference in my hair—it is extra-shiny and it looks healthy. I’ve had quite a few people tell me that my hair looks healthy and beautiful. The results are not life changing—yet. But the product is all-natural so I am hopeful that consistent use will eventually bring more substantial change.

Once I got the hang of how to make the kit work for me, I was sold. The price point is reasonable ($12 for the shampoo enhancer, $15 for the spray, $27 for the kit), and I’m a firm believer in investing in a product that’s locally made, all-natural and certified cruelty-free—especially when it leads to complements on my shiny new, Rapunzel-like hair. 

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