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Houston Style Setter: Devin Friedman

How a style setter goes from an all-black wardrobe to a white wedding dress.

By Emily Juhasz August 9, 2017

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Image: Jessica Moore

Devin Michelle Friedman knows a thing or two about dressing up. Working for a global hair brand in Houston has led to gigs with Miss Universe pageants as well as New York Fashion Week. And while her current role as a social media manager for a legal services firm has a more laid-back wardrobe requirement, she still manages to breeze into the office looking effortless and chic. We chatted her up about her upcoming wedding and how to dress for success while sticking with your own style.

You're engaged! Can you tell us about your wedding dress?

Well I don’t want to share too many details, for obvious reasons. I bought it from Brickhouse Bridal in The Woodlands–they are amazing! And I will share that it is a Martina Liana gown. It is three pieces, very traditional with lots of lace and was actually the third dress I tried on. It was just one of those moments [when] as soon as I saw myself I started crying. When I walked out to show my mom and sister, they started crying too. Right then, we all knew it was the one.

Do you find that your style is the same across the board, or do you have to clean it up for the office?

I think I got pretty lucky when it comes to dressing for my job! My place of work is pretty lax on dress code. I definitely feel that I can wear whatever I feel like and because of this, my coworkers have seen just about every side of my multi-faceted style!

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How would you describe your style?

My style incorporates a little bit of everything really. I will wear just about anything from punk rock, to tie-dye hippie, athleisure bum and chic boss bitch. When I was younger, I was really into punk and screamo music, so I was constantly wearing black. Black is still very much part of my wardrobe today—I would say that 85 percent of the outfits I wear on a day-to-day basis are black. But these days I really just where whatever I feel like. Thankfully, I have been able to build up my closet from various times in my life and for that reason, I have a assortment of pieces.

Who is your biggest style inspiration?

There are a few bloggers that I’m following right now and they’re currently dictating my style choices. Bloggers such as Lina Buoz, Olivia Culpo, Marianna Hewitt and Cara Loren are a few of my favorites – they all represent different aspects of my personal style.

What life experiences have molded your look?

I had opportunities at my recent job to work events such as New York Fashion Week and the Miss Universe pageant. I got to work with some of the most beautiful and fashionable people in the world. My chic, business style has definitely been molded as a result of attending these events and networking with these people. Some of my favorite work staples, like jumpsuits and wide-leg pants, are just a few items I learned how to style for the office.

Where do you like to shop?

My current favorite stores are Zara and Missguided. If I ever need something in a hurry, I’ll stop into Zara and pick up something super cute and stylish. If I have a bit more time to plan an outfit then I will for sure shop Missguided. They normally carry a lot of great pieces that I would be looking to add to my closet.

What are some of your go-to beauty products?

I love to use the Amika Texturizing Spray in my hair. The product gives my hair this sexy and effortless look with no shortage of volume. Some of my makeup essentials are the Dr. Jart BB Cream and Gimme Brow by Benefit. I also love anything from Lush.

What's your best advice about style?

People will often comment on my outfit of choice and say, “Oh wow! That looks great on you! But I could never pull something like that off.” Well news flash people! You can pull off anything you want to wear so long as you believe that you can. If you believe that you can rock it, then you can rock it!

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