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Tailored Finds: Omar Lisandro Wants You to Reconnect With Your Look

Omar Lisandro’s new vintage boutique, Too Suit Yourself, is curated with all sizes in mind and embraces the boundlessness of fashion.

By Jamila Stewart September 22, 2022 Published in the Fall 2022 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Wardrobe stylist and new boutique owner Omar Lisandro has a love for vintage fashion and has styled musicians such as Leon Bridges, Khruangbin, and Solange.

Now that we’re on the far side of peak pandemic, Houstonians’ newfound appreciation for physical spaces can’t be overstated. That fact isn’t lost on Omar Lisandro, who just opened the doors to a new, curated vintage boutique, Too Suit Yourself, in the East End. The wardrobe stylist, who has worked with musicians such as Leon Bridges, Khruangbin, and Solange, returns to retail after a decade-long pause in partnership with friend and mentor Dawn Bell, who has styled on the set of renowned TV shows such as Mad Men. 

Having previously run a vintage boutique in the early 2010s, Lisandro was one of the first to tap into the nostalgic craze for ’80s and ’90s fashion. “I love vintage, and I love supporting local designers first,” he explains. That sentiment threads together the fabrication of Too Suit Yourself, which opened with everything from gentlemen’s accessories and funky jackets to one-of-a-kind leather pieces not only from international couturiers such as vintage Valentino, Givenchy, and Issey Miyake but from some of Lisandro’s go-to locally bred shops as well, including Magpies & Peacocks and Smith’s Opticians.

Per its name, the shop also features a healthy dose of suiting. Though that category of clothing generally evokes menswear, Lisandro says it doesn’t belong exclusively to the male gender. “I like menswear because it encompasses so many people,” he says. “Women can wear blazers. Trans people can wear blazers. Pregnant people can wear blazers. Big guys, small guys.” Offering an extensive size range from the equivalent of a women’s extra small or a men’s 34 up to sizes 56 or 4X, the shop is the ultimate embodiment of inclusion, inviting anyone in to reinterpret the styles in their way.

As an added bonus, the presence of both Lisandro and Bell (who curates a selection of women’s wear under the name Evergirl Vintage) at Too Suit Yourself will naturally allow shoppers to shop with professional stylists. “We’re not doing this because we want to sell people stuff,” Lisandro says. “We’re doing this because we want people to reconnect with themselves and the way they look.”

Too Suit Yourself and Evergirl Vintage are located at 201 Roberts St in Houston.

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