10 Houston-Area Antique Shops That Never Get Old

From imported items to one-of-a-kind vintage finds, it’s out with the new and in with the old.

By Anna Rajagopal

From imported items to one-of-a-kind vintage finds, it’s out with the new and in with the old.

Thrifting is in, from shopping second-hand vintage clothes that model forgotten times to collecting accent furnishings or colorful trinkets. Another way to embrace a vintage style is through antiquing. There’s no better feeling than looking for—and scoring—one-of-a-kind items that become the perfect staple piece in your home. 

Antique malls line the streets of Houston, containing once-cherished items waiting to be repurposed. The city has antique stores that have been around for over 20 years, some even kept in the family as generationally run stores, serving their respective neighborhoods as the cultural meeting points of the old and the new. 

Beloved antique shops have the best glimpse into Houston’s storied past, but long-loved doesn’t always mean well-known. Gas up your car and visit one (or all) of these 10 antique stores to find your next trinket, little dish, light fixture, vinyl record, or anything you didn’t know you needed.

1. BJ Oldies Antiques Shop


BJ Oldies Antiques Shop is a real gem, and you’d nearly miss it if you didn’t know it was there. Located in the heart of Montrose, this little antique shop is nestled between Empire Cafe and Agora. A nice respite from the formal businesses of the neighborhood, walking into BJ Oldies is like being transported back to a time where vintage jewelry was all the rage, where old buttons were seen on jean jackets, and where an air of charming character dominated the atmosphere. 

2. AG Antiques 

The Heights

AG Antiques is a historic pillar of the Heights, founded by two cousins in the same building that their grandfather owned and operated as a dry goods store in the 1930s. The familial feel of the location is evident throughout the shop, as antique items fill the rooms with a sense of nostalgia that could lure you into wandering the halls for hours. Even if you’re not looking for something to take home, you’re bound to find a treasure or two here. 

3. Antique Pavilion 


Antique Pavilion sits between River Oaks and Upper Kirby, serving both neighborhoods with its high-end 17th and 18th century furniture, European artwork, and quintessential period jewelry. Sectioned off into the work of various dealers, the collections housed in this modest building almost seem as though they belong in a museum. The antique store carries gorgeous timepieces and clocks, smaller living room furniture as well as more niche, hard-to-find items from a bygone era. Situated in a part of the neighborhood without many other antique stores, Antique Pavilion fills the neighborhood's need for cultured, age-old buys.

4. Spring Antique Mall 


Hidden in a strip mall just outside Houston, Spring Antique sells high-quality pieces from long ago. The relics in this store range from older, durable furniture to lapel pins and even tea sets. There’s always a special sale going on at Spring Antique Mall, so make your way down there on the next holiday weekend.

5. Somewhere in Time 


The Historic Strand on Galveston Island may be a well-known antiquing destination for tourists and locals alike, but have you ever been to the store that regularly attracts period cosplayers, boasts eclectic and unique pieces dating back 100 years, and has unequivocally positive, 5-star ratings? Founded in 1986, this corner street antique shop carries oddities you won’t find anywhere else, including old-school beer signs, and will make the trip out to Galveston seem like a no-brainer.

6. August Antiques 

The Heights

August Antiques is different from other antiques stores in Houston—it specializes in New England rarities that you’re not likely to see twice. The store also sells old and rare books, antique lighting, as well as religious pieces. Feel like you’re on the East Coast without that chilly weather by visiting this quaint 1920s building in the Heights.  

7. The Antique Gallery of Houston 


The Antique Gallery of Houston may be a little bit out of the way of Houston’s main metroplex, but it’s definitely worth the drive. Packed with vendors from different parts of Texas, the store’s selection is as diverse as it is expansive. With cases full of sterling silver and genuine diamond jewelry, coat racks sporting flapper-era fashion, and spaces decorated with timeless wood furniture, this store is one that you don’t want to miss out on. Be sure to get there early, because the checkout line can get long! 

8. MAI | Memorial Antiques & Interiors 

Memorial Park

Known for their incredible selection of high-end furniture, Memorial Antiques & Interiors sells both antiques as well as more modern furnishings for all of your home decor needs. Inspired by European designs, the items sold at MAI will make your living room look designer-approved and ready for hosting guests. MAI boasts four showrooms, which are digitally navigable using their interactive website. You can even shop the store online.

9. Silver Wings Antiques 


Silver Wings Antiques may be a little bit of a drive from the city, but with reasonable prices, friendly staff and a wide variety of items, the shopping experience is unbeatable. Offering new home decor in addition to more vintage goods, Silver Wings is a local favorite. This store’s location even echoes times past, as Silver Wings finds its home in an older, charming blue-trimmed house in Katy, Texas. 

10. Joyce Horn Antiques 

Memorial Park

Do you long for the romance of Paris, often dreaming of quaint cafes? Get your Parisian fix without leaving the city, and bring it home with you in the form of an old relic. Joyce Horn Antiques specializes in French antiques, modern furnishings as well as recreation and replica pieces meant to model a more historic era of European design. All items are hand-picked and lovingly staged for your viewing (and hopefully, buying) pleasure. 

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