Truly, there is nothing more frightening and overwhelming for a childless person than trying to figure out what to buy for a baby. Newborns are fairly simple—Onesies! Crib stuff! Elaborate diaper sculptures!—but what in the world does a person buy for a 1-year-old? With my first niece about to hit this milestone and a lack of any decent guides online, I did what any millennial would do—I crowdsourced, creating such a fantastically useful Facebook thread of ideas that I simply had to share them. 

One common theme is to remember that the kid is not going to remember this moment, so some of the best ideas are actually for the parents, to celebrate keeping a tiny human alive for 365 days—think gift certificates for date nights, free babysitting and bottles of booze. "First birthdays are about currying favor with parents," says my friend Caroline. "Books. Things that don't make noise. Shift to loud, obnoxious things at three when you start to make memories to kids."

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